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Freeze-drying is a low temperature dehydration process that involves freezing the product, lowering pressure, removing of ice (moisture) by sublimation, transitions of the substance from solid state to vapor without passing through the intermediate liquid phase. Freeze drying results in a high qualitative product because the entire process is performed at low temperature and pressure by applying vacuum, below triple point. The original shape of the product is maintained and quality of the rehydrated product is excellent.

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Salient Features Freeze Dryer

Instant Rehydration Ratio

Retain to the greatest possible, original shape, colour, taste, texture and nutritional valuet

Can be stored for 25+ years without losing taste or nutrition value

Chemical decomposition is minimized

Better Controlling & Automation

Removal of water without excessive heating of product

Remarkable Advantages of a Freeze Dryer

The process at low temperature and low pressure makes freeze drying an effective way to minimum damage to heat sensitive material and keep colour, smell, flavour nutritional content remain unchanged .

Creation of porous structures to instant rehydrate or dissolve.

Freeze dried material remains the same colour, flavour and appearance as it was firstly harvested. The volume of freeze dried material has no change, It is the real high quality preserved food.

Since freeze dried food contains very low moisture, it has relatively small density and is easy to be transported.

The freeze dried substance may be stored at room temperature for a long time without refrigeration, protected against spoilage for many years, Freeze dried food material has a longer preservation time than frozen food, canned food.

It would greatly reduce water content inhibit the action of microorganisms and enzymes that normally spoil or degrade the substance.

No additives are added into the food during freeze drying process.

Enhance product stability in dry state.