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Our innovative Heat Pump Food Dehydrator is design to improve food preservation technique for quality and reducing wastage of horticulture and floriculture produces, as well as it can be an eventual preserving technology for sustainable development and rural empowerment for-small and marginal food processing entrepreneurs & farmers for products like fruits, vegetables, spices and herbs etc.

Conventionally, materials are dried either in the field (sun drying) or using high temperature dryers (electric, Gas fired, etc.), Successful outdoor drying depends upon good weather.

High temperature drying can damage the nutrient content, Speciality crops such as Flower, herbs, echinacea, fruits need to be dried at low temperature (30 °C to 45 °C) for product quality optimization.

This is an important consideration as they have a relatively high commercial value. Heating ambient air to use for drying is a simple cost effective procedure is but at higher ambient air relative humidity it is not possible to dry products at low allowable maximum temperature condition. High temperature drying deteriorates the material structure and can render it unsuitable for further use. Low temperature drying of specially crops reduces the risk of loss in nutrient content and damage to physical properties. Ice Make Dehydration dryer incorporate with two systems.

Heat Pump


Heat Pump Function is to add the latent and sensible heat with low energy consumption. The running cost comparison of various system shown in Table.

Dehumidifier function is to remove moisture from drying chamber to maintain low relative humidity.

Application: Drying of fruits, vegetables, agriculture, herbs, sea foods, foods etc


Energy saving & Environmental protection
Saving operating cost, No waste heat (insulation chamber and recirculation of hot air), low-noise

Exact control of temperature and humidity
According to different material require different drying temperature, Heat pump can control drying Temperature between 30 °C to 75 °C and relative humidity below 25 %.


Premium Drying Quality

Exact Control of Temperature and Humidity

Clean, Hygienic & Easy to Operate

PLC Base Controlling

Occupies Minimum Space

Highest Efficiency in Drying

Retain High Nutrition Intact