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Chilling Plant / IBT


Best quality chilling plants specially designed for energy efficiency, low noise and easy maintenance and compact size which give the same performance for many years.



Chilling Plant (Air-Cooled and Water-Cooled)


It is Secondary Refrigeration System. In this system chilled water is used as secondary fluid agent. By use of this system you can get fast and quality product even though there is long distance between process instruments to chilling plant. We can minimize the system volume and make compact designed chilling plant, which is very easy to maintain.


  • Fully Automatic
  • Wide Capacity: 2 TR to 200 TR
  • Temperature Range : 15°C to -35°C


Ice Building Tank (IBT)


IBT is a system which stores energy in the form of ice. It is applicable in dairy industry for quick process in short time with certain limit of power load.


Special Features:

  • No need of civil & fabrication work at customer site
  • Easy to Lift & Shift
  • 40% Energy Efficient
  • Better Insulation
  • Fully Automatic
  • Wide Capacity : 2 TR to 165 TR
  • Temperature Range : 15°C to -20°C



  • Requires Less connected power load
  • The ice water intensively cools the product without any risk
  • Power supply is not required once Ice Formation is Completed
  • No requirement of Cooling Tower and Water Supply (For Air-Cooled type)
  • Wide capacity with Storage tank up to 1,00,000 LTR / 33,000 KG ice formation per day
  • Cooling storage capacity up to 900 TR / day


Chilling Plant



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