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From the Desk of Chairman


Dear Stakeholders,


We are delighted to inform you that our Company - Ice Make Refrigeration Ltd - in line with Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s vision to transform agriculture sector and double the income of farmers, has successfully developed its first portable multi-purpose Solar based Cold Storage Room with in-house technology, design and capability.


It is customized for the rural and semi-urban requirements and the storage is economically viable and beneficial for the farmers and other users in the supply & distribution chain. The innovative cold room helps to maintain the quality & freshness; it enhances shelf-life and reduces wastage of temperature prone perishable produce.


Solar Cold Storages not only reduce more than 30% operating cost as it doesn’t require grid power but also help in preventing wastage of substantial amount of fruits, vegetables and other temperature prone perishable produce.


It can be transported, handled and operated with ease. The unit also makes a big difference in distant rural areas which are not yet electrified or where power supply is poor.


I would also like to compliment and thank all my team members, engineers and employees for helping Ice Make in developing this technology driven innovative cooling solution for farmers which will help them to enhance their income and reap strong benefits from the good quality cold storage facilities.


We would like to complement Shri Narendra Modi government too for its pro-farmer approach and keenness in tackling cold storage concerns of agriculture and horticulture sector with pragmatic, progressive and promising programs & policies for farmers and to revive the agriculture & farm growth.


We would like to thank the Government too for extending its 40-50% subsidy scheme to solar refrigeration units to make them affordable for farmers and eco-friendlyencourage their adoption.


Ice Make has pan India product distribution and service network and is confident of delivering the value to the farmers and the eco-friendly and energy efficient solar cold room to any village or region across the country.


Let us build an Eco-System of Hundreds and Thousands of Solar Cold Rooms for the Blossoming Farmers and Blooming Agriculture and Horticulture in India.


Jai Hind!


Chandrakant P. Patel
Chairman & Managing Director


March 14, 2018



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